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As one of the most efficient ways of moving mass amounts of cargo and passengers over land, railroad cars and tracks can be found throughout the civilized world. In the United States alone, trains cover over 1.5 million miles every single day. As with other industrialized machinery, when accidents occur, they are most often life-altering or fatal. Unfortunately, according to statistics from the Federal Railroad Administration, approximately 38 percent of all railroad disasters are caused by human error or negligence. At Morelli Alters Ratner, we have experience representing the victims and families of victims of railway disasters.

We can also represent railroad workers, who are at risk of suffering job-related injuries and illness, including:

  • Mesothelioma
  • Cancers related to asbestos exposure
  • Exposure to railroad diesel fume and exhaust
  • Injuries caused by railroad accidents, including train derailments

Protection for Injury Victims

Railway workers and passengers benefit from unique statutory rights and remedies, as well as other legal safeguards. Our attorneys have the knowledge, creativity, experience, and resources to successfully investigate and litigate railway disaster cases around the globe. Morelli Alters Ratner is dedicated to providing its clients with the representation they deserve while protecting their rights and their dignity. This includes doing our best to ensure that our clients receive the privacy they need and deserve during the painful time they are experiencing.

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