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With well over a century of combined legal experience and an international network of connections and resources, our team of personal injury attorneys at Morelli Alters Ratner has established a reputation for taking on - and winning - high-profile cases. Our track record includes a number of precedent-setting verdicts, including multiple mass tort-type cases regarding dangerous and defective products. For additional information, contact our office.

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Red Bull Takes Heat for Energy Drink Claims

The firm is leading the charge against allegedly false and deceptive claims about the effectiveness of Red Bull on consumers’ mental and athletic performance. The scientific “studies” used to back Red Bull’s claims have been criticized and challenged. On behalf of Red Bull consumers, the firm’s client set out to change the way Red Bull markets its products and obtain redress for all Red Bull consumers.

Lancome Anti-Aging Cream Advertising Alleged To Be False and Misleading

Lancome, a division of L’Oreal, claims that its luxury anti-aging creams are scientifically proven to stop or reverse the effects of aging. The products command a hefty price in the marketplace when they are alleged to be no more effective than traditional moisturizers costing far less. The firm’s case on behalf of a South Florida Lancome consumer, and similar cases around the country, have been consolidated before one judge in a New Jersey federal court. The firm is a member of the Plaintiff’s Executive Committee, steering the case to a resolution where Lancome will stop its deceptive marketing and consumers of the products receive compensation for past purchases.

Negligent Bus Company Leads to Paralysis of Motorcyclist

Plaintiff was safely operating his motorcycle on a city street when a passenger bus, traveling off its designated route made a sudden turn into the motorcyclist’s path. The crash resulted in the motorcyclists’ permanent paralysis, and the firm obtained a multi-million dollar settlement on his behalf.

Vehicle Rolls Over Sunbather’s Head

On June 20, 2000, Minor Sunbather was sunbathing on the beach at Anastasia State Recreation Park when her head was run over by a red Toyota sport utility vehicle. The force of the vehicle striking her head was such that her body rotated and her head was degloved by the vehicle’s tires. The driver of the vehicle fled the scene and was later charged with the accident when his vehicle was spotted on the same beach two days after the incident. The driver claimed that he wasn’t aware that he had run over anyone. His insurance company was on notice of the accident and they failed to tender the minimal policy limits in a timely manner.

Negligence of Contract Nursing Company Leads to Severe Brain Injury of Toddler

On March 24, 2000, Plaintiff went to a meeting at the Social Security Offices in Pinellas County. She took her young daughter with her. The child had a heart condition and at the time of the incident, had a tracheotomy which was to be reversed in the near future. While at the meeting, Plaintiff heard her daughter start to gurgle. She reacted as she was trained to do and she started to suction the trach tube. When that didn’t work, she tried saline bullets but the plug would not come out. She went into her diaper bag to get the spare trach which was always in the diaper bag but it wasn’t there. A panic alarm was set off and paramedics called but unfortunately the baby sustained severe brain injury as a result of the loss of oxygen. The Contract Nursing Company’s nurses were assigned to care for Jaceia. One of their duties was to prepare her diaper bag with everything she needed in case of an emergency, including a spare trach. The nurse that was on call the night before the incident, had removed the trach from the diaper bag and failed to replace it.

Cruise Line Crew Member Collapses, Causing Severe Brain Damage

On March 26, 2005 Cruise Line Crew Member was employed by XYZ Cruise Lines as a seaman. On that date, Plaintiff collapsed on board. He was mistakenly thought to have been intoxicated. Even though an emergency call was placed, he was not treated as such by the doctors employed by XYZ Cruise Lines.

Failed Cancer Diagnosis leads to Man’s Untimely Death

Plaintiff had been treating and receiving follow up care from a hematologist since 1995 for his previously diagnosed Hodgkin’s disease and continued to do so through May of 2000. During that time, Plaintiff developed squamous cell carcinoma in his left tonsil and neck. The hematologist failed to diagnose Plaintiff’s cancer in a timely manner which resulted in a substantial delay in diagnosis and treatment.

Locomotive Engineer Suffers 2nd Degree Burns from Defective Coolant Hose

On November 6, 2005, Plaintiff, a Railroad Engineer, was in the scope and course of his employment with the Railroad Company when a defective coolant hose exploded, scalding him with hot fluid and knocking him off the engine walkway to the ballast and railway line below. Serving as Local Counsel for a nationally recognized firm from St. Louis, MO, AABRC alleged the Railroad Company violated the Federal Locomotive Inspection Act by not maintaining its engine properly and failed to provide the Railroad Engineer with a safe workplace. Plaintiff could not work as a locomotive engineer anymore as a result of his injuries. The Railroad Company argued that Plaintiff exaggerated his injuries and was not forthright about pre-existing conditions, such as injuries to his shoulder. The Railroad Company obtained numerous hours of surveillance video of Plaintiff, but was unable to establish any of its claims of exaggeration or lack of honesty. The Railroad Company argued Plaintiff had recovered sufficiently and had good employment prospects.

Vehicle Collision Results in Bad Faith for Insurance Company

On February 8, 2002, at approximately 6:45 A.M., 36 year old Plaintiff was driving north in his car on S.R. 200 in Clay County, Florida, when Defendant Driver made a left turn in front of the vehicle driven by Plaintiff causing the vehicles to collide. At the time of the accident, the owner of the vehicle the defendant was driving had an insurance policy with a $10,000 limit. However, since the insurance company failed to timely offer the policy limits, Plaintiff sued the insurance company for bad faith. The case was settled a few days prior to going to trial.

Tractor Trailer Pins Man to Wall and Crushes Him

On October 15, 2001 Tractor Trailer Driver negligently and carelessly operated his tractor and killed Plaintiff. He failed not once, not twice, but three times to couple his tractor to the trailer. He failed to recognize initially that his fifth wheel would not slide under the trailer which was too low for connection. Once he realized it, rather than doing the right thing (getting out of the tractor to raise the trailer by crank handle), he continually rammed his tractor into the trailer to try and forego the need to utilize the crank handle. In doing so he pinned Plaintiff to the wall, crushing his internal organs with the force of 50,000 pounds. The Tractor Trailer Driver’s actions violated Federal, State and Industry standards for tractor trailer drivers. Additionally, he, according to testimony from the trucking company’s employees, violated the Company’s own policies and procedures.

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